USTA Summer Junior Team Tennis

Welcome to the Summer Tennis Season

The Tennis in Mankato Junior Team summer program is tailored to what tennis players like best: playing matches and having fun with their friends, all the while improving their tennis skills. The program is directed by Adam and Sarah Doll who have 36 seasons of High School coaching on their resume. Their Philosophy follows:

  • A program that builds mental and fundamental tennis skills all the while learning how to use them in a match
  • A program that girls and boys can participate in as equals
  • A program that gives much needed match play experience to all players

Mankato Area Junior Team Tennis has a play centered approach. During the course of the summer, it is our goal for each of our players to play 50 matches. Sometimes these matches may only be one set, but what is important is the ability to be able to look back at each set, and learn something from it. The coaching staff will be able to help you do this, and with multiple sets of eyes on your match, we will help you. Think about this: A typical tennis season may only yield 15 matches. During the summer you can play 5 times that!

Our goal is to have a 5:1 player to coach ratio during drills. It is our priority to give every child individual attention.  Having a small ratio also allows us to hit more tennis balls in a short period of time.  Everyday, we will spend time drilling specific strokes in a small group format.  After drilling, we will put those skills to use in modified games, and ultimately full sets and matches.

To make this program happen, MSU past players, East teachers, and former high school coaches Sarah and Adam Doll surround themselves with a great staff! We will be fortunate to welcome most of our 2018 summer staff back for another year! Former West player and current West coach Bryan Johnson along with West Girls Head Coach Darwin Silva will return for another great season. We also welcome in many of our current student varsity players to assist with our youth programs. See you on the Courts!

CONTINUING THIS YEAR:  Weekly Wednesday match days. Time requirements for these days will be approximately 9am - 4pm.  We would ask that you let us know if you will miss any of these days to help us formulate teams for match days.

* We encourage interested parents to volunteer to drive/supervise on these match days.  We will need support with driving especially as we are not able to transport all players.  Please let Adam or Sarah know if you are available for any of our AWAY travel dates.

2019 Events: (Put on your Calendar...WE NEED YOU)

  • June 19th - Shakopee/Prior Lake
  • June 26th - Mankato Hosts
  • July 10th - Shakopee/Prior Lake
  • July 17th - Mankato Hosts
  • July 22/23  - Shakopee hosts two day end of season tournament (similar to Areas from past years)

All you need to do to sign up is click on the sign up link on the sign up page.  If you are looking for extra instruction, you can also sign up for private lessons on that page as well.  Please give any of the coaches a call if you have any questions or email Adam Doll at or Sarah Doll at

We understand with busy summer schedules you may have to miss a few days or even a week or two. This is fine, just please notify one of the coaches a few days before your absence. Check the tournament and match days and be sure to try to make these!!!

Summer Daily Practice Times Monday-Thursday.

12 and Under 8-8:50

14 and Under 12:30-2:00

18's Varsity 9-10:50

18's Intermediate (JV) 11-12:30

For details and cost go to the SIGN UP page.

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