2024 Flex League



Flexible Schedule: The great thing about the Flex League is it flexibility. Each player is assign to play a different opponent each week. The players contact each other and set a time and place to play.

All Skills Levels:

Players are divided into like skill level flights of four players for each flight. After they play their round robin matches, another round is set up with mostly new players. Winning players tend to move up, loosing players tend to move down. This is designed to move players into flights that have similar skills levels. Meet New Players: As the season moves forward, the flights reassigned, not just for skill level but also to schedule matches with new people. Flex league players can expect to play from 10 to 12 new players throughout the summer.

All Genders: The league schedules men and women in the same flight based on skill level, not gender.

Juniors to Adults: The league is geared toward adult players, but juniors with match play experience are encouraged to participate. Regardless of age, flight assignments generally follow skill level. Juniors can also participate in Junior Team Tennis through Tennisinmankato.com  *Youth will need to be signed up through an adult's account.

Flex League Fee: Flex League fee is $25 for the season. We also ask you join the GMCTA as member. Membership is $10 used to promote the game of tennis in the Greater Mankato Area.

Here's the format and rules:

  • For each round, players are divided into flights of 4 players based on past results, your self-evaluated skill level, and the league manager's knowledge of players' skill levels.
  • Players will be scheduled to play one match per week with each of the other players in the flight. (Schedule will be sent out prior to the beginning of each round.)
  • Players will contact each other to schedule their matches. Contact information (emails/phone numbers) will be provided by email from League Director at the beginning of each flight (If matches are not played, or not recorded; they will be listed as DNP, Did Not Play.)
  • Matches will be 2 out of 3 tie break sets. If a third set is needed, players can mutually agree in advance of the third set to play a 10 point match tie break, otherwise it will be a regular tie break set.
  • The winner is to record the results of their match on a designated link.
  • Based on records, players will typically be moved up or down one flight for the next round. (This will allow players to reach the level of their most competitive play.)
  • New players entering the league will be placed by the league manager based on the current knowledge of skill level.
  • Matches should be played with three (3) fresh, new balls. Each player is responsible for bringing a new, unopened can of balls. Spin a racquet to determine who supplies the balls.
  • If there are any disputes, the ruling of the league manager will be final.

Rounds are 3 weeks each.

Round 1: May 27 - June 16
Round 2: June 17 – July 7
Round 2: July 8 – July 28
Round 4 July 29 – Aug 18

Questions e-mail: info@mankatocta.org

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